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Soba Noodles With Veggies

This is a ridiculously easy recipe and as always…completely delicious! Ingredients: 1 package dry soba noodles 1 package organic – extra firm tofu 1/2 cup purple cabbage 1/2 cup green cabbage 1/4 cup matchstick carrots 1/4 cup frozen peas 1 tbs minced garlic 1/4 cup sliced onions 1 tsp fresh ginger (sliced or minced) 2 […]

The håle

  Håle: root, to root [in chamoru]. Chamoru: indigenous people from the Marianas islands Disclaimer: I’m not a writer, a chef, or a perfectionist. If you are any of these things, you will be disappointed in this website. I am only a lover of words with deeper meaning, a lover of food made with more […]