Vegan Chalakilis

This is one of my favorite childhood dishes. The more pika, the more better 😄

This dish is usually made with Chicken. However, because chicken may be the leading source of sodium, keeping chicken off your plate would be beneficial to your health if you suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, or kidney problems.

Some of the leading causes of deaths on Guam are heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

(Just my thoughts & It could be just me, but)  Could it be that our infatuation with excessively consuming animals in our diet is killing us slowly?

The amount of processed animal flesh we consume, how we prepare animal flesh – adding more sodium (soy sauce), and how we cook animal flesh – mostly grilling adding MORE chemicals and toxins…

This just might be the problem 🤔.

Food for thought.

Annatto seeds/achiote is not just for coloring your rice. I’ve read and believe that achiote actually has amazing health benefits.  Some of these benefits include promoting healthy digestion, strengthening bones, and preventing neural tube defects. It is known to lower fevers, boost eye health, eliminate headaches, reduce nausea, and protect respiratory distress.

Of course, don’t just blindly agree with me…I’ll always encourage you to do your own research ♡

You will need a bowl and a wire mesh stainer.


– 1 cup dry white rice (i used calrose)

– 1/2 onion

– 3 cloves garlic (diced)

– 1 tsp Better Than Bouillon veggiebroth

– 1 (2oz) pkg of annatto seeds

– 1 tsp coconut oil or veg oil

– 5 Cups water (divided)

Salt and pepper to taste

(Optional) 1 can coconut milk, and hot pepper. Also, if you don’t have a meatless meat, try 1 can young jackfruit.


Toast 1 Cup dry rice on medium heat for about 15 min (should be light brown). let the toasted rice cool and then gently blend (set aside).

Boil 3 Cups of water.

In a bowl, place a wire mesh strainer and add 1 (2 oz.) package annatto seeds into the strainer.

Once water is boiled, pour over annatto seeds and stir with a metal spoon.

Continue to stir for about 7 min. Lift strainer w/seeds and throw away the seeds (set aside).

Chop and sautee 1/2 onion and 3 cloves garlic in coconut or veg oil. Add 1 tsp #betterThanBouillon and 2 cups water as a soup base. Add your annatto flavored water to the soup. Let it come to a boil, then add your toasted rice.

Continue to boil until rice thickens the soup.

Add donne/hot pepper to your liking.

(Optional) My family adds a can of organic coconut milk. Stir and turn off stove.

We used a meatless meat but i think you can use pulled jackfruit in place of meatless meat.

I would simply bake 1 can of young pulled jackfruit. Drain a can of jackfruit and pull jackfruit ‘meat’ apart with your fingers (should look like pulled pork). Spread out onto a baking tray. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Bake at 375°F for about 25 – 30 min. The result is a shredded ‘chicken’.


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