The håle


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Håle: root, to root [in chamoru].

Chamoru: indigenous people from the Marianas islands

Disclaimer: I’m not a writer, a chef, or a perfectionist. If you are any of these things, you will be disappointed in this website.

I am only a lover of words with deeper meaning, a lover of food made with more thought, and a lover of minds craving more creativity.

My only goal is to change the way people on my side of the world see plantbased/ vegan food – food that may save a life.

I was born and raised on Guam (Guåhan). It is there my roots are planted. No matter how far my eyes may wander or my feet may travel, i will always get pulled back by the root.

Guåhan is an island known for its loving and hospitable spirit. There, the air is warm and thick of love for our culture. You can taste our culture where you find the most love…on the table of any home in Guåhan.

The irony is that our love for the wrong food is the main cause of preventable illnesses that plague Guåhan;  obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer.

What if we go to the root of the problem and solve it with eating more from roots?

Could we save our grandparents, parents, uncles, aunties, – save our children from repeating the same illnesses?

If we really go back to our roots, you’ll find that we lived and thrived off the land. The coconut tree provided everything we needed.

If the seas today were as plentiful and pristine as they were in the past, i might not be vegan. Unfortunately, that is not the case and the opposite of “plentiful and prestine” persists today (with overfishing and climate change- caused by eating animals in the first place).

I think the solution to healing and solving most of our island’s problems starts by going back to our roots (håle’).

So let’s heal together.

Si Yu’us Ma’ase

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